A Very Thankful SLB

Happy Thanksgiving! As we celebrate this day by giving thanks to God for all things, here’s what your SLB is thankful for.   “All the amazing friends I have made through OCF!” -Yianni Gagianas, Chairman “Trees, because they’re strongly rooted and absolutely beautiful.” -Camille Bever, Northwest Student Leader “The intercessions of Saint Nektarios for my […]

Keeping People Intrigued

Today I would like to answer a student question we received: “How can I keep people intrigued enough in OCF to come to meetings?” After recruiting new members at the activities fair with your icons, Bibles, and the promise of free food if they come to the first meeting, the beginning of the year is […]

Why Do We Abstain?

Today we present the second of three installments by Dr. Albert Rossi answering student’s questions on dating, marriage, and relationships. Click here to read his first installment, Why Do We Date? For dating Orthodox college students, this is probably the central question, “Why do we abstain from sexual activity until marriage?”   Many non-Orthodox college students […]

Fundraising Tips for Real Break

After reading all about Real Break, you head straight to the Real Break page to see what trips are during your spring break. After agonizing over which of these amazing journeys to embark on, you finally pick one and set out to register…until you see the price. Not many college students have extra cash lying around. You’re left […]