Fasting And Philanthropy

This is a guest post from Steven Christoforou, the Youth Protection / Parish Ministries Coordinator for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese’s Department of Youth & Young Adult Ministries. You can connect with the Department at Last Friday marked the beginning of the Nativity Fast, in preparation for Christmas. Why do we fast? Why should we […]

On Unity: Communion & Culture

This year’s OCF theme is unity, centered around Psalm 132:1 (OSB), “Behold, what is so good or so pleasant as for brothers to dwell together in unity.” This week is the beginning of a six part series centered around Orthodox perspectives on unity. The series will consist of reflections from student leaders and College Conference workshop […]

Springs, Faith, and Vampires

This is a guest post from Thano Prokos, Great Lakes Regional Student Leader on the 2013-2014 Student Advisory Board. Thano is a junior at DePaul University, majoring in Secondary Education. This is his first year serving OCF on the SAB. The Kontakion of the Life-Giving Spring reads, O Lady graced by God,you reward me by […]

OCFers are Giving Back

Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of making it a habit now of giving back to the Church as young people. Well, today I have the privilege of sharing with you how an amazing group of young men decided to do their part and give back to OCF! Meet *Ncense. You may have heard of […]