Fall 2015 Southwest Regional Retreat Preview

Calling all Southwest OCFers! You’ve also got a retreat coming up – September 25 – 26 in Phoenix, AZ. Take a look at what your Southwest Student Leader, Markayla Stroubakis, had to say about this fun and free event. Q: What can students expect to happen at the retreat? At the retreat, students can expect […]

Orthodox College Prep: Upperclassmen Advice

Starting college is a scary time – alone and away from home, trying to navigate your way through the unknown territory of classes, dorm living, and new friends. To guide you through the blur of beginning, here are some words from real life OCF students who survived their first year.   “College (and freshman year […]

Fall 2015 Mid-Atlantic Retreat Student Preview

As you might have noticed, your Regional Student Leaders are (rightfully) super excited for the regional retreats coming up. But so are the students! Hear from Rachel Howanetz, a sophomore at Millersville University, who attended the Mid-Atlantic Regional Retreat last year. Q: Describe your experience at last year’s retreat. What stood out to you?  Attending […]

16 Ways You Might Be Orthodox

You check what day of the week it is before deciding what to eat. And if it’s not a Wednesday or Friday, you’re definitely going with meat. Your saint’s day is a bigger deal than your birthday. People ask you why you cross yourself backwards. Church camp is the most exciting part of your summer. […]