New Podcast! Orthodox Apologetics: Fasting

In the latest episode of the OCF podcast, Media Student Leader Matthew Monos continues his conversation with Fr. Brendan Pelphrey about sharing Orthodoxy with others. In this episode, they talk about Orthodox fasting traditions, especially in relation to the Nativity as well as the fasting traditions of other Christians. Click here to listen!

The Cross of Forgiveness

I don’t normally open with such an extensive quote, but today’s reflection really rests on the words of Fr. Seraphim below. So bear with me, and if you read nothing that follows, read this entire quote: The Holy Fathers teach us that the one who forgives always wins. Whatever the occasion may be, if you […]

Inviting Friends to Church

Today I will address another student question: My friends invited me to their church and I went, but then I invited them to ours and they never come. How do I respond, and what do I do? Well, I’m no expert on this but my first response would be to pray for them. To pray for […]