The Four Elements of OCF Life

As an expression of the holistic nature of the Orthodox faith, we encourage our chapters to plan and participate in a variety of activities on campus and in the parish. Not only will you draw more students to your chapter by diversifying your activities, but you will gain a richer and fuller experience of our Orthodox faith. The four categories into which OCF activities fall are: Fellowship, Education, Worship, and Service.

Gather together to share in the adventures of college with other Orthodox Christians on campus who share your worldview and values. Your OCF chapter is your home away from home—a community where you will find friends who become family and where you can discover your true identity in Christ.

Learn more about the vibrant Tradition of our Church what it means to live an Orthodox Christian life. Share with others the richness and fullness of the Orthodox Faith as you explore the many facets of Orthodoxy with your OCF chapter.

Give thanks for the many blessings of your life, call out to God in times of need, and receive the healing sacraments of the Church through prayer and liturgy in your personal life, in your chapter, and in your local parish.

Discover Christ in others by reaching out to the forgotten, the marginalized, and the suffering on campus, in your community, and in the world. Learn how to humbly express Christ’s sacrificial love.

Download the Four Elements of OCF Life flyer to share on your campus.

For ideas on how to implement these four elements on your campus, check out our Chapter Events and Chapter Resources.