Regional Coordinator Program

In June of 2013, OCF began piloting the Regional Coordinator Program in the Southeast. This is the first phase of implementing our Strategic Plan as we work towards an established OCF presence across North America. Over the next five years, OCF would like to expand this pilot and install Regional Coordinators in every region.

Our goal is to create a sustainable infrastructure for campus ministry by:

  • Developing ministry efforts on campuses which do not have an active OCF presence;
  • Connecting chapters to local parishes on a more intentional level; and
  • Recruiting, training, and supporting talented and passionate clergy and lay volunteers.

Implementation of this model requires support, training, and oversight for the many volunteers necessary to serve our college students. This program is an exciting step forward for OCF, but it requires your support! You can view the full proposal here: Regional Coordinator Program Proposal.

The Southeast Regional Coordinator, John R. Meese, works full-time with volunteer leadership teams throughout his region to make sure that OCF chapters have the resources, information, & direction they need. Although he works as an extension of the North American staff, John’s office is in Tennessee. Because this lies within the Southeast Region, he travels regularly to interact with OCF chapters & supporters on a local level. In a very short time, the value and success of one full-time Regional Coordinator has been made clear.

John Meese, Southeast Regional Coordinator

John Meese, Southeast Regional Coordinator

The Southeast stood out as the best environment to pilot the regional design due to the stability of its chapters, strong hierarchical support, and broad parish interest. OCF’s Southeast Region is large, including Southern Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, North & South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. When the Southeast Region was first selected for this pilot program, it contained active or emerging OCF chapters at 36 universities within the region. That number has since grown, and there are now than 45 active or emerging OCF chapters in the Southeast! Although that is an unusually high number of chapters for an OCF region to have, there are over 150 universities and 215 Orthodox Christian parishes & missions in the Southeast Region. We pray that, as this program continues, we will be able to reach more students by establishing OCF chapters on more of these campuses every year.

How you can help:

  1. Pray. Our staff, students, and volunteers are honored by your intercession on their behalf. We always need prayers for strength & guidance, that we would glorify God in all that we do.
  2. Volunteer. If you live in the Southeast region, and would like to help out in anyway, email to get in touch with John!
  3. Donate. The Regional Coordinator Programs is funded by contributions from parishes, foundations, and individuals like yourself. If you’d like to support our ministry, please check out You can even specify “Regional Coordinator Program” when you donate via credit or debit card through JustGive, and your donation will be dedicated to this cause.