College Student Sunday


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CSS 2013 Parish Bulletin Insert 

CSS 2013 Letter to Parishes from OCF Executive Director


On Sunday, September 15th, parishes across North America  celebrated College Student Sunday (CSS) — recognizing our college students and bringing awareness to Orthodox campus ministry.

National statistics report as many as 60% of Christian students who leave for college never return to Church.  To counteract this trend, OCF is on the front lines of campuses engaging our students in the Orthodox faith through fellowship, education, worship, and service.  Through this four-tiered approach, college students who participate in OCF make their way from schools to parishes spiritually stronger and ready to serve.

Our parishes commit to support OCF to help sustain local parish life, to see the Orthodox Church flourish in North America, both now and in the future, and most importantly, to strengthen the lives of thousands of young people in a transitional time, empowering them to live lives full of grace, mercy, love, and service for Christ and His Church.