Parish Partners


Become an OCF Parish Partner today – help us support your students.  

As a partner, we commit to constantly serve your parish, your children, your grandchildren, and your future parishioners. We pledge ourselves to providing each student with the sort of love, support, and sense of community that you have so diligently instilled in them throughout their childhood and teenage years and offering them opportunities to encounter Christ.

Specifically, OCF will:

Make sure your students leave for college knowing that they will not be alone.

Through our First 40 Days program, we want the names, contact information, and future college of each graduating high school senior in your parish so we can connect them into our OCF network prior to their arrival on campus.  Through the OCF chapter network, your students get a  “knock on their door” from a fellow Orthodox Christian so that this critical personal connection is made – research shows that freshman set their patterns early and we want OCF to be part of their four-year college experience.

Link your students to chapters that are vibrant communities, reflecting the life of the Church and making Orthodoxy a presence on campus.

Through our vast network of student leaders, chaplains, and lay coordinators at the chapter, district, regional, and North American levels, your students will get the best possible OCF experience in their local chapters. While our ministry is student-driven, OCF is working to train our chaplains and lay coordinators to be mentors and guide students.  Through our Chaplaincy programs, college students can continue the sacramental and liturgical life of the Orthodox Church, as well as have healthy, fruitful, and exciting college experiences. OCF becomes their “home away from home,” providing them with a loving community in which they can become their best selves — the people God intended them to be.

Engage your students in Christ-centered programs that challenge them to deepen their faith and impact our world.

Our North American Programs bring together students from across the continent in fellowship, education, worship and service. Our often sold out annual College Conferences during Christmas break gives students the chance to dig deeper into the meaning of Orthodoxy, meet other Orthodox Christians from every tradition, and renew their spiritual lives. Our series of alternative spring break trips called Real Break aims to prepare college students to be socially informed citizens of the world, while directing their focus on the world to come, the kingdom of heaven.  Built on a foundation of worship, service, education, and fellowship, Real Break gives students the chance to understand the real meaning of seeing Christ in the other – by traveling to all parts of the world to deepen their faith and serve those in need. And our series of on-campus programs known as our Praxis programs allow chapters to share Orthodoxy in tangible ways in a united manner and with one voice.

Train your students to be servant leaders capable of not only transforming campus ministry but also prepared to enter into, maintain, and develop parish ministries.

For some of our students, OCF becomes so definitive of their college experience that they desire to give back to OCF by serving on our Student Advisory Board. These students inspire, lead and train their peers as regional student leaders, program student leaders, and media student leaders.  OCF hosts an extensive Summer Leadership Institute to prepare them for their roles and responsibilities so they can succeed in the ministry and beyond. It is no surprise that these students most often go on to serve the Church after college in conspicuous ways:  as clergy and theologians, as missionaries and service program directors, as camp directors and parish ministry leaders, as parish council members and as prominent Orthodox professionals.  Even though you may not have a large number of high school students going to college, graduates find jobs everywhere, so one of our OCF leaders could be your next parishioner!

For more information about becoming a Parish Partner, contact Jennifer Nahas,

OCF Executive Director at (617) 850-1227 or