There’s a Saint for That

tasft-attempt-7There’s a Saint for That is a simple program any chapter can do to get to know a new saint together! We’ve created a template, and you can do the research online to apply it to any saint. We’ll also be posting a new saint each month this year with all the work done for you. Spend the first 15 minutes at a meeting doing this Praxis Program or develop it into a whole meeting with a discussion and an akathist.

Manual: A short guide with everything you need to know about intercessory prayer, how to do the program, and saints we think you’ll love!


St. Katherine: OCF’s patron saint and a great patron of students

St. Basil the Great: One of the Three Hierarchs, a patron of students, and the founder of the first hospital

St. Anastasia the Greatmartyr: A healer known for helping with mental illness and other sicknesses

St. Paul the Apostle: One of the greatest saints and the most prominent author of the New Testament

St. Argyre the New Martyr: Patron saint of marriage

St. Innocent of Alaska: Missionary and apostle to America

St. Mary of Egypt: Known for her great repentance and as an intercessor for those struggling with the passions, especially lust

St. Xenia of St. Petersburg: A fool for Christ who helps us with spouses, houses, and jobs