Facilitating Great Discussions

Christina Andresen

A major part of college life–and life after college–is learning and growing through discourse. Orthodox Christian leaders must also learn how to engage those around them in discussion, allow opinions to be expressed, and walk on the path of salvation with humility and meekness alongside those whom we engage in conversation. What does this facilitation look like, and how can we do it in OCF? What styles of facilitation exist, and what skills are necessary to implement them? Most importantly, can we learn to disagree not in the manner the world models for us, but as Orthodox Christians who are always seeking communion and reconciliation?

Christina Andresen serves as the Manager of Chapter Relations for OCF. She loves working with students to help them grow in faith as leaders on campus, in the Church, and in the world.  She also writes With Lamps in Hand, an Ancient Faith Blog on Orthodox spirituality for women of all ages and callings. She currently lives in Dallas, TX with her OCF sweetheart Daniel (they met on Real Break) and their lovely kids.