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Why We Fast: Thy Will Be Done

As we discussed last week, one of the principal benefits of fasting is because of the physiological and psychological benefits that a substantial and committed approach to fasting generally has upon one’s actual efforts to pray seriously. I suggested then, however, that there are other benefits of fasting that are available even for those of […]

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Why We Fast: Purifying our Prayer

Like many other “second-order” virtues, fasting is spiritually beneficial principally because of what it enables us to do, or learn, or achieve, rather than intrinsically, in its own right. Fasting assists us in prayer by a) clearing the mind, b) by removing certain common physiological and psychological shackles to concentrated and sustained prayer, and c) by putting us […]

Fasting, Prayer, and Silence | Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Fasting, Prayer, and Silence

As Orthodox we always ask ourselves how much publicity and noise we should make on campus. We have left the home, the comfortable context where we feel our identity to be less challenged. Morality was also easier with someone else in charge: parents, priest, home parish community, etc. So here we are at college, learning […]

Fasting And Philanthropy

Fasting And Philanthropy

This is a guest post from Steven Christoforou, the Youth Protection / Parish Ministries Coordinator for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese’s Department of Youth & Young Adult Ministries. You can connect with the Department at youth.goarch.org. Last Friday marked the beginning of the Nativity Fast, in preparation for Christmas. Why do we fast? Why should we […]