Real Break Greece May 2024

Spend a week inspired & encouraged in your faith.
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“College for me has been a time for spiritual growth, and thanks to my friends in my local OCF chapter, I am constantly surrounded by others who strive to grown in the faith together.”


Attend College Conference

Each year during Christmas Break,  hundreds of students from across North America gather for four days of fellowship, education, and prayer.

Participate in Summer Leadership Institute

Ready to be an Orthodox Leader? The Summer Leadership Institute is a four-day leadership training institute for Orthodox Christian college students and young adults (ages 18-25).

Discover Resources for Your Chapter

OCF has resources to help students lead their local OCF Chapter.  We have resources from Chapter discussion topics to guide books on how to run your chapter.

Go on a Real Break Trip

 Reak Break provides students with the opportunity to understand the true meaning of seeing Christ in the other by traveling to all parts of the world.

Join the Student Leadership Board

Looking for a way to help OCF as a student? On the SLB students lead and manage different aspects of the OCF.

Find Opportunities & Apply for Scholarships

Looking for career opportuities, internships, and scholarships? Find out what opportunities are currently available to Orthodox Christian college students.

Connect with Christ

College is an important time to ask big questions. It can also be a time of many challenges. OCF is here to help you make Christ the heart of your college experience.

What is Orthodoxy?

Get to Know the Saints

Life’s Challenges and Questions


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Orthodox Christian Fellowship

 OCF is the official collegiate campus ministry program under the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America. OCF transforms the lives of college students in the United States and Canada by guiding them along the path to Jesus Christ through His Church, cultivating a campus community of worship, witness, service, fellowship and education.


Our Vision

  • To be the loving presence of Christ and the Orthodox Church on college campuses;
  • To be an integral part of students’ spiritual formation by challenging them to explore the Faith; and
  • To inspire students to commit to living an Orthodox Christian way of life daily.

Want to learn more about Orthodoxy?

Find out more about Christ's Church

and what Orthodox Christians believe!

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Learn How to Support Our College Students

“Joining OCF has changed my attitude from feeling obliged to going to church to actually wanting to go to church. I read Orthodox books because I want to. I participate in and lead retreats and discussions not because I feel like I know the most about the Faith or the Church Fathers’ sayings, but because I want to learn from others and be that person who brings everyone together.”


We want to make sure that every student is given the opportunity to be a part of OCF and stays strong in their Orthodox faith during college. This isn’t possible without the help of so many. If you are looking for a way to help our young college students not only stay connected, but deepen their faith during their years in post-secondary education, look at the different ways listed below.

Connect Your College Students

Do you have current college students or students about to enter their freshman year in your parish? Ensure that they are connected to OCF by sharing their information with OCF.

Sponsor a Real Break Participant

Help a student go on pilgrimage or serve the needs of communities world-wide by supporting a Real Break trip. Designate your gift for a particular student or group of students.

Become a Donor

Would you like to support OCF?

Become a Parish Liaison

Want to stay more connected to OCF as a parent or parishioner? Become a Parish Liaison! Find out how you can help OCF find a home at your parish.

Advisor Resources

Are you a new or current Advisor? OCF provides resources and training to help you lead our young people and OCF chapters.

OCF Blog

The Latest News & Updates

OCF Announces Annual Student Information Collection Drive

OCF Announces Annual Student Information Collection Drive

Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF), the official campus ministry of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America, is proud to announce the commencement of its annual Student Information Collection Drive and "First Forty Days" Campaign....