1. You check what day of the week it is before deciding what to eat.
  2. And if it’s not a Wednesday or Friday, you’re definitely going with meat.
  3. Your saint’s day is a bigger deal than your birthday.
  4. People ask you why you cross yourself backwards.
  5. Church camp is the most exciting part of your summer.
  6. The service routinely starts 15 minutes late and lasts 2 ½ hours…but no one complains.
  7. And you know to wear your comfortable shoes because you’ll be standing the whole time.
  8. Prostrations are your preferred form of exercise.
  9. Sunday brunch isn’t a thing.
  10. You wear scarves around your head, not your neck.
  11. You don’t flinch when a priest throws water at you.
  12. You’ve been chanting in church and made up how to say some of the more complex names in the Bible.
  13. You never celebrate Easter on the same day as everyone else.
  14. The priest says “Let us depart in peace” but the service still has 20 minutes.
  15. Before you pray, you say a prayer.
  16. As soon as you get home from Liturgy, you take a PLN.
gif source: tumblr.com


Is there another way you “know you’re Orthodox” that we missed? Comment below!