1. Having to get to church early.


2. Being sent into the empty church to fetch something and feeling like that icons are watching you. 

3. Teachers expecting you to know all the answers in church school.


4. Your dad’s seminarian friends telling you stories about you as a baby at seminary.                          

5. Being the last ones to leave coffee hour every week.                                                      

6. Being dragged to parishioner’s houses for dinner. 

7. Having to be extra well behaved in church because all eyes are on you.                                                                    

8. Explaining to people that it’s perfectly acceptable that your dad is a priest and that no, that doesn’t automatically make you “super holy.”                                      

9. Performing random tasks like setting up candles or finding the service books.                                                                                                        

10. Parishioners asking you questions about things going on the church that you have absolutely no idea how to answer. 

11. Your dad somehow turns everything into a Bible lesson.                                 

12. “Borrowing” things (tables, pots, pans, office supplies, etc.) from the church.                               

13. Inviting everyone from the church to major life events.                        

14. Other Orthodox people assuming you’re going to be a priest or priest wife.                                          

15. Cassocks hanging in the coat closet. 

16. Driving long distances to go to confession since you can’t go to your dad.                                                 

17. Wondering what your dad is going to wear to public events. 

18. Going to Every. Single. Service.                     

19. And never being able to go anywhere for Christmas or Pascha because your dad has to serve.

But being a PK is actually the best thing ever and you really do love your dad.