SLB LogoOCF is excited to announce the 2016-2017 Student Leadership Board (SLB). These students are the top leaders across the continent who are dedicating the coming year to serving OCF and their peers. They will be the ones to bring you this year’s regional retreats, College Conferences, Real Break trips, newsletters, flyers, Praxis programs, blog posts, podcasts, and more! Please keep each of them in your prayers as they assume their new roles.

Click on the names below to get to know the 2016-2017 SLB!

Emma Solak
Student Leadership Board Chairman,
David Munkres
Northwest Student Leader,
Markayla Stroubakis
Southwest Student Leader,
Quinn Marquardt
Mountain Student Leader,
Kathrine Sackllah
South Student Leader,
Nicole Petrow
Midwest Student Leader,
Spiro Morris
Great Lakes Student Leader,
Niko Wilk
Southeast Student Leader,
Rachel Howanetz
Mid-Atlantic Student Leader,
Spyridoula Fotinis
Northeast Student Leader,
Mark Sultani
College Conference East Student Leader,
Nora Haddad
College Conference West Student Leader,
Peter Savas
College Conference Midwest Student Leader,
Oana Grigoras
Real Break Student Leader,
Benjamin Solak
Publications Student Leader,
Dan Bein
Media Student Leader,
Isabella Calpakis
Public Relations Student Leader,

We would also like to recognize and thank the many incredible student leaders who applied to be part of the SLB. It is a joy to know just how many students love OCF and desire to serve Christ through this ministry!