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Nathanael tells Philip, "Come and see."

Orthodoxy Is Not About Orthodoxy

A wonderfully wise woman gave me some advice: “Please consider when you write/speak/think about Orthodoxy: are you writing/saying/thinking “the faith” “Orthodoxy” “the Church” when you should be writing/saying/thinking “Jesus Christ.” OCF sponsors October as Orthodox Awareness Month and during this time, we encourage college students, spiritual advisors, lay advisors, and the like to spread the word […]


Senior Profiles: Gabriella Christy

Name: Gabriella Christy University/College: North Carolina State University Major: Psychology What are your plans for after graduation? I am attending UNC Charlotte for the Master’s program for Mental Health Counseling. What’s your favorite OCF memory? My favorite OCF memory is the North Carolina District Retreat. We had a great turn up and it was a very beautiful display of […]


Senior Profiles: Konstantinos Cesak

Name: Konstantinos Cesak University/College: George Washington University (but I am a part of Georgetown’s OCF) Major: International Affairs Minor: Modern Greek What are your plans for after graduation? Find a job, make enough money to survive, get out of D.C. What’s your favorite OCF memory? When I was a freshman commuting between George Washington & Georgetown, I would […]