Reimagining Orthodox Campus Ministry

A plan for campus missionaries

The Need

For the past 20+ years OCF has excelled in creating transformative experiences for students through national programs, such as Real Break and College Conference. These high-impact programs are important to our ministry and students. Solely focusing on these peak experiences, though, is akin to a spiritual life that only celebrates Pascha and Christmas. There is an increasing need in the lives of OCF students for consistent, daily discipleship. The time which volunteers and clergy can invest on-campus is limited.

60% of college students never return to the Church after college.

Only 10% of 18 to 29-year olds exhibit deep and lasting faith.

The Solution:

OCF Campus Missionaries

Campus missionaries will be selected, hired, and trained by OCF. They’ll serve students full time, building a bridge between campus and parish life.

Every college student should have the opportunity to be part of a faithful campus community where they are known and loved and where they are led by someone equipped to guide them spiritually.
OCF will train and deploy a corps of campus missionaries to provide students with these opportunities.

Our goal is that college campuses all over the country will have full-time OCF staff members dedicated to fostering discipleship among students.

What could we achieve?

Strong local ministry will impact the campus and the parish.

Breadth of Student Reach

Full-time, consistent efforts will be able to reach more students.

Depth of Student Experience

Meeting with students more regularly will lead them to a deeper experience of Christ and his Church.

Longevity on Campus

OCF Chapters won’t be subject to yearly flucuations in chapter leadership, leading to ministry that is able to grow.

Healthier Parish Communities

Communities that focus on developing young adults result in healthier parishes. Students will leave college ready to serve and be reintegrated into parish life.

Resilient Disciples

The biggest impact is on individual students! Young adults will develop deep and lasting faith, turning to Christ in every situation, because of the investment made into them by a campus missionary.


In a word – GREAT. Here is the latest from Texas A & M – Our first campus missionary initiative


Student Participants This Year


Growth of Participants in Spring Semester '24

Minutes of Prayer with Daily prayer services every afternoon

hours of direct discipleship with students (1on1 time this academic year).


of Participants Are New to Orthodoxy

Different breakout groups available on a regular basis

Who are these campus missionaries?

Young Lay Persons

We will hire young, Orthodox lay men and women, most likely in their 20s, recruited from the ranks of OCF alumni.

Committed to Christ

Campus missionaries must demonstrate a commitment to Christ and a passion for serving college students.

Trained & Supported

Campus missionaries will be trained in key knowledge, skills, and practices essential to equipping our campus missionaries, and will be supported by a director from the OCF national office.

What will the campus missionaries do?

OCF Programming

Traditional OCF Chapter leadership, built on OCF’s four pillars: Fellowship, Education, Worship, & Service


Student formation and mentorship efforts via one-on-ones and small groups, based on the individual needs of the students

Campus Outreach

We’re not calling them campus missionaries without reason. Campus missionaries will be charged with sharing the Gospel and the fullness of the Orthodox faith with the campus community.

Parish Connections

Making relationships with the local community and directing students to the sacraments in partnership with local clergy

Chapter Leadership

Fostering healthy group dynamics and chapter longevity

Program Development

Cultivation of donors, regular program assessment, and continuing education

What is the investment?

An annual budget will range from $110,000 – $120,000, depending on location and other variables. To facilitate sustainability, OCF will raise at least a two-year budget prior to placing a campus missionary in a new location.

  • Campus missionaries will be supported so they can be fully-commited to on-campus ministry.
  • Student Ministry funding provides the budget for engaging ministry programs and opportunities.
  • Provides for both a campus missionary and ministry programming
The annual budget includes funds for:
Start-Up & Student Ministry Budget
Training & Continuing Education
Management, Mentorship, & Resource Development
Fundraising & Sustainability
Salary & Benefits

Support Ocf and campus missionaries.

Our first Campus Mission is at Texas A&M University, and our 2nd pilot location just launched in Atlanta. OCF is building support to grow the initiative. We need your help.

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