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Who Will Take Up the Mantle?

This week we celebrated the feast of the Prophet Elijah, ranked second only to John the Baptist among the prophets. Elijah was a man full of God’s grace who manifested the power of God in his prophetic witness to Israel and the peoples surrounding them. He healed the sick, defeated the priests of Baal through […]

A page from a 13th Century copy of the LXX. Image from <a href=",_2Thess._3,11-18,_Hebr._1,1-2,2.jpg">Wikimedia</a>

The Old Testament Canon

Today we continue to answer the question: Why are some books in the Bible while others were excluded and how was that decided? The canon of the Old Testament is a much more complicated collection than the New Testament. Unlike the New Testament that was written, collected, and pretty much standardized in the course of 300 […]