Chapter Sponsorship Kit

Need materials for your student activities fair? We want to make sure every chapter is prepared to make a memorable impact on their campus this year.

Chapter Sponsorship Kits will include:OCF Table at MTSU

  • 1 full-color 2’x4′ icon banner with the OCF logo
  • 10 “Timeline of Church History” brochures
  • 10 “What on Earth is the Orthodox Church” brochures
  • 10 “The 4 Elements of OCF Life” flyers
  • 20 OCF prayer cards
  • 10 OCF pens

To qualify for a Chapter Sponsorship Kit, your chapter must be chartered, and you must apply by clicking on the link below. OCF will confirm your charter status and send out kits on a first-come, first-serve basis based on the number of sponsorships we have received from donors. Once you apply, you will receive a confirmation email from us letting you know if you qualify for a kit and when you can expect to receive it in the mail.

Apply for a Kit

Sponsor a Chapter

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