College Conference

Gather together to revitalize your faith

College Conference 2021

Join us for a new, COVID friendly, College Conference experience!

Revitalize your faith, awake your soul, and connect with peers.

7 locations

There are 7 College Conference pods spread around the country with up to 50 participants at each location. Each pod will have the same College Conference experience with the unique flavor of their location leader. Register for the pod that works for you!

4 Days

Join fellow college students from May 28-31, 2021. Each pod will gather on the same dates. You will enjoy fellowship with the 50 students at your location as well as be together in spirit with up to 350 students around the country.

2 Leaders

Each location will have a location leader and a student leader. The location leader will facilitate the discussions based off of the livestreamed keynote speaker, Fr. James Shadid. Find out which amazing location leader will be at your site below!

1 COVID Plan

Prior to College Conference, all participants will follow a ten day quarantine, show proof of a negative test, and sign the following liability form. These precautions will allow the event to be run similar to years in the past. 

Fr. James Shadid

College Conference 2021 Keynote Speaker


Fr. James, originally from Oklahoma City, OK, was reared in an Orthodox Christian home. Fr. James studied Journalism and Public Relations at the University of Oklahoma and continued his studies in Boston at Holy Cross Seminary, where he received a Master of Divinity degree. He also spent a year studying Arabic at the Balamand Theological Seminary in Lebanon.

In 2002 he married Gigi (Gizelle) Baba at St. George. He worked as a counselor at the Antiochian Village (Bolivar, PA) for nine years and served as Camp Director of Camp St. Raphael.

Fr. James was ordained to the Holy Diaconate September 19, 2004 at St. George Cathedral in Wichita, KS and was ordained to the Holy Priesthood on October 17, 2004 at St. Elijah Orthodox Church in Oklahoma City, OK.

Fr. James was assigned as the pastor of St. George in Houton, TX in August 2011. He was elevated to the rank and dignity of Archpriest on November 1, 2015 by His Grace Bishop Basil.

Pod Locations


Heartridge Retreat Center
Sunset, South Carolina
Lead by: Chris Al-Dehneh


Antiochian Village Conference Center
Bolivar, Pennsylvania
Lead by: Christina Andresen

New England

St. Methodios Faith and Heritage Center
Contoocook, New Hampshire
Lead by: Panos Coufos


Lake Geneva Home Camp
Williams Bay, WI
Lead by: Adella Winder



YMCA St. Croix
Hudson, Wisconsin
Lead by: Steve Christoforou


Catholic Conference & Formation Center
Dallas, Texas
Lead by: Katrina Bitar


Franciscan Renewal Center
Scottsdale, Arizona
Lead by: Dn. Marek Simon
F . A . Q ‘ s

What is the College Conference COVID plan?

What COVID rules will I have to follow in order to attend?

Starting on May 18, 2021 at 4 PM (in your time zone), every participant and leader will begin a ten-day quarantine. Each day you will receive a series of three text messages confirming your current temperature, any COVID symptoms you may have, and how you are maintaining your quarantine. You must respond to all three texts every day! And finally, you will need to get a negative PCR test on Tuesday, May 25.

What is the payoff of the COVID plan?

When you arrive at your College Conference pod, you will have four days of safe, mask-free, normal social interaction!

Ten day quarantine? Why so long?

We know that the incubation period for most COVID patients is 5-10 days. If you have been exposed prior to your quarantine, your symptoms should arise within those ten days. Conversely, if you are not exposed to any other people for ten days without symptoms, it is unlikely that you are carrying COVID.

What do you mean by quarantine? Can I go to the store? What about church?

We have to be VERY clear about this one. Quarantine means no errands, no social activities, and yes, no in-person church services. Get what you need before the ten days starts, and plan to stay home.

I live with other people attending my same College Conference pod. Can we quarantine together?

Yes, this is allowed. However, please note that if one member of the household shows any symptoms during quarantine, all members will not be allowed to attend the conference.

I live with other people who are not attending College Conference. Can I still come?

Yes, if you live with family or friends who will not be attending the conference and therefore not participating in the quarantine, you can still attend. However, you will need to stay in a closed off area of the house/apartment. If you must go into a shared space (for example, to get food from the kitchen), you MUST wear a mask, keep your distance from any others who might be home at the time, and wash your hands when you are finished. Family dinners or hanging out “just for a little” cannot be permitted.

What am I going to do for ten days?

We’re all in this together! Our College Conference team is busy planning daily activities for you to get to know your pod, prep for the conference, and reflect during your time alone. We promise to keep you engaged and connected for the full ten days!

What happens if I show symptoms of COVID or get a positive test during my quarantine?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to attend College Conference. However, you will be fully refunded your registration fees.

What happens if I break my quarantine?

If you do not follow the guidelines outlined above, including responding accurately to the daily text check-ins, you will not be allowed to attend College Conference. Furthermore, you will not be refunded any registration fees.

What if I find out someone else has broken their quarantine?

We want to hold each other accountable as a community to provide a safe experience for all. Therefore, you can anonymously report any quarantine violations here, and the COVID team will follow up on all reports received.

What about travel?

We ask that you sign up for a pod within driving distance of where you will be doing your quarantine. During the drive, we encourage you to keep in mind that any exposure to others can undo the work of your quarantine. As such, we encourage you to stock up on all items for your drive and only stop for absolute necessities. If you must stop, you must wear a mask at all times, maintain a distance of six feet at all times from others, and wash your hands. Our COVID team will be checking in with you along the way with reminders and check-ins as you drive.

What are the testing requirements?

You will need to get a negative PCR test performed no earlier than Tuesday, May 25th. When choosing when to get tested, please remember to account for the duration needed to get your results. You will need to show proof of your negative results to our COVID team before arriving at your College Conference pod. If possible, please try to find a drive-through testing site through your campus, city, or local pharmacies. If you must interact with others to get tested remember to wear a mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands when you are finished.

I still have questions. Who can I talk to about my concerns?

We’d love to help! Reach out to us at, and someone will get back to you from our team!