CC West 2016

College Conference West 2016 – St. Nicholas Ranch, California

Dates: December 27-30, 2016

Cost: $325.00 (partial scholarships available, see below)

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College Conference 2016 Scholarships have been graciously offered by several participating Orthodox jurisdictions in different amounts and in limited quantities.  Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) will review all scholarship applications on behalf of the jurisdictions and will notify applicants within two (2) weeks of registration if their request for assistance has been granted until all of the available scholarships have been distributed.  Given the limited number of scholarships that have been made available by the jurisdictions, OCF encourages registrants to register and to apply early.  If a registrant is unable to obtain a scholarship for College Conference 2016 and would like information on other possible avenues to pursue for financial assistance, please contact OCF National Programs Manager, Donna Levas at

Transportation: Available from the LAX Airport and the Fresno Airport to/from St. Nicholas Ranch.

  • LAX Transportation – Participants must arrive on December 27th by 1:00PM to depart on the 2:00PM shuttle. Participants must book flights leaving LAX to depart after 5:00PM on December 30th, as the shuttle will leave St. Nicholas Ranch at 11:00AM.
  • Fresno Airport Transportation – Two shuttle pick-up options available on December 27th, one departing at 2:00PM and the other at 5:00PM. Participants must book flights leaving Fresno to depart after 3:00PM on December 30th, as the shuttle will leave St. Nicholas Ranch at 11:00AM.

Keynote Speaker – V. Rev. John D. Finley

Fr. John Finley

Father John is a priest at St. Athanasius Antiochian Orthodox Church in Santa Barbara, California. Ordained to the priesthood in 1997, and elevated to the dignity of archpriest in 2004, he has been an active field staff member of the Department for the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America since 1996, establishing and serving many missions and parishes across the United States and Canada. Father John is married to Jan Finley, and is the father of three grown children and the proud grandfather of two.

Why are you excited to speak to the Conference’s Theme of “Come and See” (John 1:39)?

“I am excited to speak to the theme of “Come and See” because our modern minds tend to reverse that formula; we want to “see” before we “come.” In other words, most people want to understand before they taste. The Psalmist says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”( Psalm 34:8) It seems that he is saying that we must experience the Kingdom of God in worship before we begin to understand it.”

Workshop Speakers

Abbot Tryphon – “Incarnating Christ in the Midst of the World”

abbot-tryphonSpeaker Biography – Abbot Tryphon is a convert to Orthodoxy, and has been a monk for some thirty-five years. A former teacher and psychotherapist, he has a long time commitment to today’s young adults. Abbot Tryphon’s daily blog articles and podcasts, hosted by Ancient Faith Radio, together with his book by the same name, The Morning Offering, are important spiritual support for thousands of people across the globe.

Mother Victoria – “The Art of Prayer”

mother-victoriaSpeaker Biography – Mother Victoria is the Abbess of both St. Barbara Monastery in Santa Paula and Holy Assumption Monastery in Calistoga, California.

Rev. Fr. Cassian Sibley – “The Asymtotic Dance: Our Infinite Journey into God”


Speaker Biography – Fr. Cassian was raised in Malawi, Africa, and attended high school in Kenya before returning to the U.S. to attend university at Houston Baptist University and Rice University.  In addition to being a priest, he has worked as a social worker, a homeless advocate, s juvenile caseworker, a watercolor instructor, a Latin and philosophy teacher, an organic farm manager, and a permaculturalist. He has one daughter and two step-daughters.  He and his Matushka, the professor Olympia Sibley, live off the grid on 5 acres in accordance with their own ethical and environmental principles, surrounded by goats, rabbits, pigs, chickens, gardens, orchards, forest, and a friendly mutt named Tupelo.  He is the priest of the Life-Giving Spring of the Mother of God Russian Orthodox Church in Bryan, Texas.  He and his parish have an active prison ministry, and an outreach program to those who are homeless in the community.

Workshop Description – The Workshop is called, “The Asymtotic Dance: Our Infinite Journey into God.” The liberating struggle, and ever-moving rest of human theosis – a presentation and discussion of the Orthodox understanding of salvation, sanctification and theosis, broken down into specific life stages.


CCWest15 students praying the Akathist - Glory to God for All Things.

CCWest15 students praying the Akathist – Glory to God for All Things.