The District Student Leader will work under their respective Regional Student Leader to assist them with their everyday responsibilities. This includes facilitating chapter communication, supporting struggling chapters, and encouraging chapter growth. District Student Leaders will send out monthly emails to the chapter presidents in their regions to inform them of upcoming events and share OCF news as well as attend monthly conference calls with their Regional Student Leader. The District Student Leader will be responsible for planning at least one District Event during the academic year. The District Student Leader is also strongly encouraged to attend their respective Regional Retreat, College Conference, and a Real Break trip.

As a student leader for OCF, the District Student Leader is expected to serve young adults on college campuses, helping them access the fullness of the Orthodox Christian faith on a daily basis through the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) ministry and its chapters, programs, resources, and retreats.


District Student Leader Expectations
  • Send a monthly email (by the first Friday of the month) to your chapters with as much from the following list as possible. Copy your RSL on most emails within your district.
    1. Upcoming events in your region/district
    2. National Program updates
    3. Highlights from your district
    4. Advice for chapter leaders
    5. An opportunity to update their chapter information
    6. An offer to assist the leaders personally
  • Attend monthly DSL video call lead by your RSL
  • Gather the most updated contact information on clergy and student leaders in the district and keep Chapter Contacts spreadsheet updated.
  • Plan one district event per semester.
  • Assist with planning/execution of regional retreats as required.
  • Assist chapters with any questions/concerns they have. Bring any major issues to the attention of your RSL.
  • Work with your RSL to assist new chapters in your district. When possible, reach out to schools with no OCF chapter to help them get started. 
  • Constantly communicate with chapters in your district through email. Request that  your chapters add you to their Facebook groups. This will help you stay updated on what is going on in your district. 
  • Sharing district updates in the Regional Facebook group.
  • Communicate regularly with your RSL and the National Office via Slack, GroupMe, and/or phone.
  • Constantly look for clergy and laypeople who you could see as an asset and supporter of the OCF ministry. Make contact with them to get them involved with OCF. Consult RSL on ways this is possible.

Apply to be a District Student Leader

Click here to submit a Clergy Reference Form.

Applications are due July 11, 2022.

Districts are as follows:


  • Alaska
  • Idaho & Montana
  • Oregon
  • Saskatchewan
  • Washington


  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • Northern California
  • Southern California


  • New Mexico
  • Northern Colorado
  • Southern Colorado
  • Utah & Wyoming


  • Central Texas
  • Louisiana & Mississippi
  • North Texas
  • Oklahoma & Arkansas
  • South Texas


  • Central Illinois
  • Chicago Area
  • Minnesota & Iowa
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska & Kansas
  • Wisconsin


  • Columbus to Lexington
  • Eastern Michigan
  • Eastern Ohio
  • Indiana
  • Western Michigan


  • Alabama
  • Cumberland Area
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • Northern Florida
  • South Carolina
  • Southern Florida


  • Philadelphia Area
  • Pittsburgh Area
  • Virginia
  • Washington D.C. to Baltimore


  • Boston Area
  • Hartford to Worcester
  • New Haven Area
  • New Jersey
  • NYC Area
  • Ottawa to Montreal
  • Upstate New York
  • Vermont, New Hampshire, & Maine