Calling all Southwest OCFers! You’ve also got a retreat coming up – September 25 – 26 in Phoenix, AZ. Take a look at what your Southwest Student Leader, Markayla Stroubakis, had to say about this fun and free event.

Q: What can students expect to happen at the retreat?

At the retreat, students can expect to meet other OCFers from the state of Arizona and participate in a discussion led by Rev. Fr. Apostolos Hill. Also, students will be making bagged lunches and handing them out to the Phoenix homeless.

Q: Why should someone come to the retreat?

Students should come to the retreat because it is important to experience the message of the faith with others, especially college students that live close to us.  This way we can make friends we will have for a lifetime, whose foundation is rooted in the faith and love for God.

Q: How can students get to the retreat?

Students are encouraged to carpool with their friends and fellow OCFers to the location, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral.  If you are an Arizona State student, luckily for you, the retreat is just around the corner. Get pumped!!

Q: What are you most looking forward to about the retreat?

Although I am unable to make the retreat myself, I’m looking forward to what everyone else has to say about it.  I’ve heard Father Apostolos is an incredible speaker and can’t wait to hear his sermon/discussion.


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