Introducing Campus Missionaries:

Campus-Based Staff Dedicated to Guiding Students & Building Disciples

Reimagining Orthodox Campus Ministry

Expanding A Successful Pilot Program

As you know, OCF engages college students in their Orthodox faith during crucial years away from home. For over 50 years, we’ve grown to provide hundreds of student-led college chapters nationwide with key programming and events.

Last fall (2022), we reached a new and exciting milestone in our organization’s history with the launch of our Campus Missionary Initiative, which hires, trains, and assigns full-time staff to college campuses. These campus-based professionals will oversee regular scripture studies, student mentorship, fellowship & service programs, and campus outreach━all designed to keep students more richly connected to Christ.

Texas A&M University was selected as our pilot location with a part-time campus missionary, who will transition to full-time later this year. In just a few months, the group size doubled and has attracted 14 catechumens and inquirers. To build on this success, we are actively pursuing a second campus location for fall 2023 and intend to scale the program to dozens of campuses over the next several years.


“Being involved in OCF has been so helpful for me in my personal growth and involvement with the Church. OCF makes what is a large university feel smaller and like a family.”
Tikhon, Texas A&M University (’21)

Graduate Student

“This year the growth of OCF at TAMU has been almost overwhelming. It’s so amazing to see the Orthodox community grow whether it be students who grew up in the Orthodox Faith finally discovering it for themselves, or students who have searched and searched and finally found the one true faith.”

Sotiria, Texas A&M University (’24)

Chapter President

“Every time I come, it almost seems like I have an ember of Christ burning within me, and when I leave OCF, I come away with a burning fire instead.”

Rowan, Texas A&M University (’23)

Undergraduate Student


OCF Chapters on college campuses across the country.


souls inspired by OCF during the last 20 years.


increase in the number of students involved with OCF in the past 12 months.

Deepening the Orthodox Presence on Campuses

Every college student should have the opportunity to be part of a faithful campus community where they are known and loved and where they are led by someone equipped to guide them spiritually.

The strength of the Campus Missionary Initiative is having committed, trained, and dynamic missionaries on the ground, walking alongside students as they explore faith, vocation, and life’s big questions. Our goal is that college campuses all over the country will have full-time OCF staff dedicated to fostering discipleship among students.