The Orthodox Faith is Growing Faster on College Campuses

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This fall, the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) has continued to expand the presence of the Faith on college campuses nationwide, with 608 students participating in a high-impact in-person OCF event in 2023. This rapid growth is fueled by new programs like the Campus Missionaries Initiative, 20 chapters added to college campuses, and increasing interest from disaffiliated youth. Put simply, OCF has grown and every dollar donated makes a greater impact. We humbly ask you to help us keep this banner year going!

By the Numbers

OCF Chapters

Total Catechumens & Orthodox Inquirers at Texas A&M University, the first campus with a full-time OCF Campus Missionary

Students Involved in Virtual OCF Offerings, Discussion Board & Events

Lives Touched

Jasmine Hunter

Class of 2025
Rice University

Jenna Magas

Class of 2025
Villanova University

Patrick Lynch

“My everyday existence as a husband and father is a direct result of OCF. I didn’t just meet wonderful friends – I met my wife. OCF has been a blessing to me and I’ve seen how it has changed the lives of others.”

Patrick Lynch is an OCF alumnus and former member of the Student Leadership Board. He works as a Principal Machinist at Beehive Industries in Centennial, CO. Patrick attends Assumption of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Denver with his wife, Katerina, and two children, Isaiah and Amalia.


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