11899930_10207711051882721_8035902959699162495_nLast week, the sixteen members of this year’s Student Leadership Board flew into New York City for an intensive institute which strengthened them in leadership, spirituality, and fellowship. The SLB attended workshops on public speaking, conflict resolution, prayer life, media ministry, and engaging in loving dialogue led by various figures of the Orthodox Church, including Fr. Theodore Petrides, Dr. Phillip Mamalakis, Bobby Maddex from Ancient Faith Radio, OCF staff members Christina Andresen and Donna Levas, as well as our very own chairman, Yianni Gagianas. The students also volunteered at Emmaus House, explored New York City, and even held compline in a hotel room. After a full five days of planning, learning, and growing together, this is what the board has to say about this upcoming year for OCF in just one word:



-Yianni Gagianas, Chairman



-Mary Anna Roden, Southeast Student Leader



-Markayla Stroubakis, Southwest Student Leader



-Katerina Therianos, Mountain Student Leader



-Hibbah Kaileh, South Student Leader



-Alex Kuvshinoff, Northeast Student Leader



-Karma Khoury, Mid-Atlantic Student Leader



-Nicole Petrow, Midwest Student Leader



-Andrea Tsatalis, Great Lakes Student Leader



-Nora Haddad, College Conference West Student Leader



-Anna Valiant, College Conference East Student Leader



-Alexandra Abboud, Real Break Student Leader



-Matthew Monos, Media Student Leader and Camille Bever, Northwest Student Leader



-Katherine Konstans, Publications Student Leader



-Emma Solak, Publications Student Leader