What is Orthodox Awareness Month?

Situated at the beginning of the school year, Orthdodox Awareness Month is a time that the members of your OCF chapter can devote to both examining aspects of the Faith they wish to develop, and to being a witness to the faith on their campus. In our daily life it is important that we grow in understanding our faith, and are knowledgeable representatives of our faith when people have questions or want to learn more. This is also a good time to revisit complicated topics within the church, or even the basics, which some may have forgotten. All and all it’s a wonderful way to start off the year on the right foot as a strong, connected OCF!
College Student SundayParticipate as a Chapter

support campus ministry

October 6th is College Student Sunday.

In conjunction with Orthodox Awareness Month, the Assembly of Canonical Bishops has designated the first Sunday of October, along with Orthodox Awareness Month, as a way for parishes to recognize their college students and financially support the ministry of OCF. On this Sunday, we ask that your parish allows a student to share their OCF story and experiences. We also ask that a collection is made to support this vital ministry.

Presenting in front of your church? Not sure what to say? Check out this outline we’ve created for a great presentation!



Share-A-Thon has become an incredible mainstay of Orthodox Awareness Month, and an easy way for anyone to participate in OAM. By simply sharing Orthodox content on social media, we can raise awareness about the beauty and richness of Orthodoxy and how our relationship with Christ in His Church is transformative and healing.

Include the OCF Filter in your Profile Picture.

Use the temporary profile picture filter for the whole month. In the photo description, tell us why you love OCF and, if you want, link people to www.ocf.net .

Post Orthodox articles, photos, videos, and podcasts!

We share tons of great content on our Social Media pages so it’s easy to share or retweet. Other great places to browse are Y2AM (Be the Bee, The Trench, The Ladder, Pop Culture Coffee Hour), Ancient Faith Ministries, Orthodox Christian Network, and any of the archdiocese pages.

Use our hashtags.

#LiveOrthodoxy #OAM19 will help people know what we are up to! 

Happy sharing!


2019 Chapter Challenge

The purpose of the OAM Chapter Challenge is to encourage chapters to make the most of OAM, deepening your own faith and building confidence to share it with others. As in past years, your chapter can win OCF merch money for participating in the challenge. In order for your chapter to earn points, be sure to tag Orthodox Christian Fellowship (@ocfministry) on Facebook and/or Instagram and use the hashtag #OAM19. 


All participating chapters will be awarded gift certificates to purchase OCF merch at our RedBubble store.

50-99 points = $50

100-149 points = $150

150+ points = $300


Chartering +5
If you are already chartered, you will automatically earn 5 points!

If you are not chartered yet, do so, and you will earn 5 points! Here’s how to get started.

Chapter Discussion +10
Post a photo of your chapter having a discussion on a spiritual topic with a two-sentence highlight of your discussion.

Fellowship +20
  • Hold an off-campus potluck dinner
  • Go to your school’s sporting events together
  • During midterms or finals week, have a study party…with snacks!!
  • Organize a friendly game of Frisbee, go on a hike, etc.
  • Go out for Sunday brunch together after liturgy
Education +20
  • Invite a guest speaker to speak at your meeting
  • Watch a Christian movie or listen to an Ancient Faith Radio podcast
  • Play a game of “Stump the Priest” with your spiritual advisor
  • Pick a book to read together that leads to a discussion
Worship +20


Service +20
  • Bake some cookies or write cards to send to nursing homes, hospitals, or soldiers
  • Take a Saturday afternoon to volunteer together at a soup kitchen or nursing home
  • Volunteer as a group with one of the service clubs on campus
  • Host a bake sale on campus and donate the proceeds to charity
Bonus +10

Include another club on campus in any of the above activities for an additional 10 points!