Want to stay more connected to OCF as a parent or parishioner? Become a Parish Liaison!

The goal of the OCF Parish Liaison program is to help OCF find a home in the parishes–and for our young adults to find a home in OCF. OCF Parish Liaisons at each parish will be contacted on a regular basis with ways that they can bring OCF events to the young adults in their community. For example, we will be sending Parish Liaisons information about our National Programs as well as updates as to what is happening on campuses near you.

One of the most important tasks will be the assistance of the OCF Parish Liaisons in gathering information for our First 40 Days Initiative. The First 40 Days Initiative aims to identify and contact every first-year Orthodox student within the first 40 days of college to introduce them to OCF. It is our hope that the Parish Liaisons will help us collect the name, contact information, and school of the graduating high school seniors at their parish.

The Parish Liaison will serve as the voice of OCF at important parish meetings, can keep the community up-to-date with the needs and news of OCF, and can encourage Parish Partnerships.

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