Faith and Film

Bobby Maddex

How can we as Orthodox Christians engage with today’s popular culture, especially the form of film? What are the most important elements to look for to understand the meaning of a movie? How do we find content that will edify and strengthen us in our Orthodox faith? Explore these and other questions surrounding faith and film in this workshop.


Bobby Maddex is a Senior Editor of Salvo Magazine, Station Manager of Ancient Faith Radio, host of the AFR podcast, “The Orthodox Moviegoer,” and freelance writer and speaker on topics related to faith and culture. Bobby graduated from Wheaton College in 1994 with a dregree in Political Science. After spending five years as senior editor of Gadfly, a national arts-and-cultuer publication out of Charlottesville, VA, and serving a one-year stint as the marketing director of Touchstone magazine in Chicago, he earned a Masters Degree in British Literature from DePaul University in 2002. He and his wife Paige live in Chesterton, IN with their three daughters and son.