I Am the Vine, You Are the Branches

Fr. Stephen Vernak

Abiding in, and being connected to Jesus Christ is the foundation of leadership in the Church. This session will give us the opportunity to reflect upon Christ’s final words to His Apostles shortly before His betrayal. Participants are encouraged to read John Chapter 15, and to be prepared to share how this passage has played out in their own lives. We will explore how prayer is essential to the life of the Christian leader, and discuss the real challenges this poses.

Fr. Stephen Vernak ​ is a native of New Jersey, and a graduate of the University of Vermont and St. Tikhon Seminary. For the past eleven years, since his graduation from seminary, he has served as pastor at Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He and his wife Anna met at church while they were both living in Eugene, Oregon. They are blessed with four children, and have been married for fifteen years. He is an OCF Chaplain at the Penn State Harrisburg campus and has served as the New Orleans Real Break clergy leader for the past three years. Passionate about the work of OCF and the students whose lives it enriches, he is honored to co-labor with you at this years Student Leadership Institute.