Peace in Conflict

Dr. Philip Mamalakis

Although conflict often seems unnecessary and avoidable, it is, in fact, inevitable. Whether it is with students, staff, clergy, or hierarchs, conflict can challenge our understanding of ministry. This session will explore how to navigate conflict that is informed by our Orthodox Faith. Following Christ means a path of the Cross and the Resurrection. Far from resolving conflict, He invites us to seek peace in the face of it. By understanding the elements of conflict, and how God works through conflict for His purposes, participants will understand how to respond in the face of conflict.

Dr. Philip Mamalakis, with his wife Georgia, lives in Boston, Massachusetts where he is the Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. Dr. Mamalakis directs the Field Education program and teaches classes on pastoral care, couples counseling, grief, death and dying, and topics related to pastoral counseling. He has a private practice in Newton, Massachusetts where he works with individuals, couples, and families. Dr. Mamalakis has an M.Div. from Holy Cross and a Ph.D. from Purdue University in child development and family studies, specializing in marriage and family therapy. In collaboration with Fr. Charles Joanides, he has written a marriage preparation program for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, The Journey of Marriage in the Orthodox Church, and he has recently completed an Orthodox parenting book, Parenting Toward the Kingdom. He offers seminars, retreats, and lectures on marriage, family life, and parenting in the Orthodox Church.