Real Break 2022

Fundraising for your Real Break trip will be a new adventure! Very rarely do students NOT raise the total cost of their trip. In fact, they usually end up raising MORE than the amount needed!

View the Real Break Fundraising Packet

Supporters can donate to your trip in one of two ways:

  1. Donors can visit the following link to donate directly to your trip:
  2. Donors can make a check out to Orthodox Christian Fellowship and include your name and the name of your trip in the memo field. You can collect the checks and mail them as a batch or the donors can send their checks directly to OCF at 50 Goddard Avenue, Brookline, MA 02445.

All Real Break participants’ donations are tracked by the OCF National Office on individualized Google Spreadsheets that each student has access to.

REMEMBER – It’s very important to send thank you notes to your donors once you receive their contributions.

Here are some basic tips:

  • Start Right Away!  Although your Real Break trip may be several months away, you could find donors who are looking to give before the end of the year for tax purposes.
  • It is okay to contribute some of your own funds.  Start putting aside some money every week.  You will be asking many people to help support your participation in Real Break, so do not be afraid to be a donor, too.
  • Organize a fundraiser! Get creative and come up with your own unique way to share your Real Break trip with others and to gain their support.
  • Your family and friends can be a great support to you. Make sure they’re on board – they are a great resource to help in the process of fundraising by donating to your trip, getting donations from co-workers, and directing you to specific people who may be able to make larger contributions.