Gathering in downtown Toledo

At the Great Lakes Regional Retreat on September 18th – September 19th, students gathered in Toledo, Ohio for a weekend of service. Friday night the students enjoyed fellowship and made PBJ sandwiches to prepare for their day with the homeless. On a rainy Saturday, the students participated in 1Matter‘s Saturday Morning Picnic, where they ate lunch and got to know the local homeless community. Here are some of their thoughts.

“This was the perfect break from school! It was relaxing and everyone in Toledo made me feel at home. It also made me remember that we need to care for our neighbors no matter where they come from!”

Danielle Pappas, senior, Purdue University

“Feeding the homeless was amazing. I felt during that movement social status barriers were completely broken and I had learned so much from them about being strong in your faith and that happiness doesn’t come from anything other than God and doing his work. I felt completely one with the community by simply being fully enveloped in a conversation.”

Callie Carioti, senior, Miami University of Ohio

“Sometimes at retreats people split off into cliques, but that didn’t happen much (thumbs up!). Talking in small groups was memorable, we had some cool bro-bonding and a good convo about leading a Christian life as a man. Volunteering at the picnic showed me that I need to really reevaluate some of my priorities and bring them into line with my values.”

Michael Cook, first year masters student, The University of Western Ontario

“Talking to the homeless really stood out because I’ve never been able to do something like that and talk to these people and hearing all the astounding things they had to say was amazing. I think I will look at homeless people differently knowing one small action showing that someone  matters, I could change or save a life.”

Sid Fragoulis, junior, Ohio State University

“Going to hand out food and talk to the homeless stood out to me the most. I learned a lot about something I was unfamiliar with which I feel was very beneficial and important to have experienced. [I was reminded] Christ is within each and every person and he calls us to who show love to all. Also, seeing how happy people are at the smallest of gestures was an eye opener.”

Savannah Belt, freshmen, Purdue University


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