Serve 4 St. Patrick

St. Patrick led a prayerful life…

St. Patrick was the “Enlightener of Ireland”…

St. Patrick ministered to the poor…

So why on his feast day can’t we do the same?


Serve 4 St. Patrick is a Chapter Event aimed at bringing the focus of St. Patrick’s day back to St. Patrick. St. Patrick was a slave in Ireland who escaped and later returned as a bishop to teach the people of Ireland about the true Faith.

On March 17th, chapters are encouraged to do all that they can to use St. Patrick as an example to learn, teach, and serve others. Below are some resources for your chapter to celebrate the Feast of St. Patrick in a way that honors his life and legacy and helps you grow during the season of Great Lent.

St. Patrick led a Prayerful Life (Prayer & Fellowship)

  • Print out St. Patrick’s Lorica below and hold a reader’s service
  • Act out St. Patrick’s life together
  • Cook Lenten meals together–there are even recipes below for St. Patrick’s Day
  • Meet with your chapter for breakfast and Bible study

St. Patrick was the Enlightener of Ireland (Education)

  • Ask to do an event in your local Orthodox Youth Group or Church School
  • Teach people how St. Patrick used the clover to teach people about the Trinity
  • Hand out clover shaped cookies on campus with facts about St. Patrick attached to them

St. Patrick ministered to the poor (Service)

  • Organize a blood drive, food drive, or clothing drive
  • Put together lunches for the homeless
  • Help out at a shelter
  • Clean a local park
  • Read to people in homes for the elderly


Life of St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Lorica

St. Patrick’s Day Recipes