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What is the SLB?

Every year, OCF is led by a team of talented students who take on leadership positions in Orthodox campus ministry. The Student Leadership Board works with staff and clergy volunteers to implement the programs of OCF, advise and inspire their peers on campuses, and develop new resources and programs for Orthodox college students.

How long does the SLB serve?

Student Leaders begin their term in June and serve until the end of May.

What are the different types of positions?

Students can serve as regional leaders, the leader of College Conference or Real Break, or as the leader responsible for the OCF Discord server.

What is the time commitment?

Serving on the SLB is about the time commitment of a during-school internship. Most students spend 3-5 hours each week with periods of more intense time commitments depending on the timeline of their current projects.

What is the applications process like?

You can apply to join the SLB with a written application, beginning in February through April 1. You may apply and be considered for multiple positions by filling out full applications for all positions. In addition, you must submit two references, one from a clergyman who can speak to your involvement in OCF and/or other aspects of church life and one professional reference who can speak to your ability to work well as part of our team. Applications are then reviewed and, in most instances, those being considered for a position are given an interview. Interviews last 20 minutes per position on Zoom.

Regional Student Leader


As a Regional Student Leader, you will serve as the student voice at the regional level, facilitating events in one of OCF’s nine regions, representing OCF to the Church community, and spearheading efforts to connect students to OCF.



College Conference Student Leader


As a College Conference Student Leader, you will work with our staff to plan, facilitate, and lead one of OCF’s two College Conferences.


Real Break Student Leader


As Real Break Student Leader, you will assist in the planning and promotion of all Real Break trips and related programming designed to give students an opportunity to see the Church at work in the world.



Discord Student Leader


As Discord Student Leader, you will foster a Christ-centered community on the OCF’s national Discord Server, maintaining and growing this ministry, engaging with participants online, and encouraging them to be connected to a life in Christ offline.



Application Deadline: April 1, 2024

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All applicants must submit both a clergy and a professional reference.

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