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Every year, OCF is led by a team of talented students who take on leadership positions in Orthodox campus ministry. The Student Leadership Board works with staff and clergy volunteers to implement the programs of OCF, advise and inspire their peers on campuses, and develop new resources and programs for Orthodox college students. We are looking for applicants for all positions for the 2019-2020 Student Leadership Board.






Regional Student Leader



As a Regional Student Leader, you will serve as the student voice at the regional level, facilitating events in one of OCF’s nine regions, representing OCF to the Church community, and spearheading efforts to connect students to OCF.






College Conference Student Leader



As a College Conference Student Leader, you will plan, facilitate, and lead one of OCF’s two College Conferences in 2019.






Real Break Student Leader



As Real Break Student Leader, you will assist in the planning and promotion of all Real Break trips in 2020.






Media Student Leader



As Media Student Leader, you will be in charge of OCF’s social media strategy and accounts, promotional designs, coordinating media efforts for programs, and bringing a student voice to OCF’s social media efforts.






Podcast Student Leader

As Podcast Student Leader, you will be in charge of student podcasting on Ancient Faith Radio, program recordings, and YouTube outreach. You will also have the opportunity to serve as an intern for Ancient Faith Radio in conjunction with your OCF role!






Publications Student Leader

As Publications Student Leader, you will be in charge of student publications including, but not limited to, the OCF blog and the monthly OCF student newsletter.






Public Relations Student Leader

As Public Relations Student Leader, you will be in charge of all efforts to connect OCF with the Church at large via presentations, the Parish Liaisons program, jurisdictional publications, alumni relations, and fundraising.






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All applicants are required to submit a reference form from both a spiritual (clergy) and professional reference.






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