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Get Ready–Lent Is Coming

Our Christian brothers in the West started Lent on Wednesday, but we’re over here just chilling. But then you realize Zacchaeus Sunday is already this Sunday. Meaning there are only four more weeks until Great Lent starts. It’s time to begin making the most out of the non-fasting days you have left. And to start […]


19 Struggles of Being a PK

1. Having to get to church early.   2. Being sent into the empty church to fetch something and feeling like that icons are watching you.  3. Teachers expecting you to know all the answers in church school.   4. Your dad’s seminarian friends telling you stories about you as a baby at seminary.   […]


17 Stages of Real Break

1. You stay up until midnight anxiously waiting for registration to open.   2. And when it does, you’re the first to register. 3. Then you’re confirmation email comes, and you’re like… 4. But now it’s time to fundraise! 5. And when you reach your fundraising goal… 6. You suddenly realize Real Break isn’t for […]