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Inviting Friends to Church

Today I will address another student question: My friends invited me to their church and I went, but then I invited them to ours and they never come. How do I respond, and what do I do? Well, I’m no expert on this but my first response would be to pray for them. To pray for […]

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October is Orthodox Awareness Month

  Throughout the month of October, join OCF in learning more about our Orthodox faith, sharing it with others, and growing together as a community. This year, we ask that you join us in again in the #ShareAThon by sharing quotes, photos, articles, podcasts, and videos on social media with the hashtags #ShareAThon and #OAM15 […]

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My Personal Lord and Savior

Ever been asked this question? Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior? Do you feel a little tongue-tied when this one’s thrown at you? On the one hand, you want to say, “yes,” and on the other, the question doesn’t quite sit right with you–something about it is off. I know […]