There’s a Saint for That: St. Paisios of Mt. Athos

New Praxis Program! There’s a Saint for That

tasft-attempt-7Thanks to the 2016-2017 Student Leadership Board, OCF presents to you the newest Praxis Program: There’s a Saint for That. OCF Praxis Programs are designed to help your chapter live out your Orthodox faith on campus and in the world. These are programs you could host on your campus any time of year and with a huge chapter or a tiny chapter!

“There’s a Saint for That” is a simple program any chapter can do to get to know a new saint together. On our website, you’ll find a manual with everything you need: an introduction to intercessory prayer, a five-step template that can be applied to any saint, and a list of saints we think you should get to know. We’ll also be posting a completed packet for a new saint each month this year with all the work done for you. This month, we present to you our patron saint, St. Katherine.

The program is designed to take as little as fifteen minutes or the length of a whole meeting by including a discussion and an akathist. If you have questions on how to implement this program, you can contact your Regional Student Leader.