A Very Thankful SLB

A Very Thankful SLB

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we celebrate this day by giving thanks to God for all things, here’s what your SLB is thankful for.



“All the amazing friends I have made through OCF!”

-Yianni Gagianas, Chairman

“Trees, because they’re strongly rooted and absolutely beautiful.”

-Camille Bever, Northwest Student Leader

“The intercessions of Saint Nektarios for my family members who battled with cancer, as well as the efforts from all youth workers that helped solidify my faith at a young age .”

-Alex Kuvshinoff, Northeast Student Leader

“My friends and family who support me in everything I do.”

-Alexandra Abboud, Real Break Student Leader

“God’s love–manifested in good health, quality relationships, safety & security, and the existence of MorningStar vegan products during fasting periods. ”

-Andrea Tsatalis, Great Lakes Student Leader

“The ability to forgive, repent, confess, be absolved, repeat.”

-Nora Haddad, College Conference West Student Leader

“To have a close-knit OCF here at Pitt’s campus. I am constantly surrounded by a group of people who continue to help me learn about the faith, while also supporting me to grow closer to Christ. I am thankful and truly blessed to not only call my OCF my friends but also my family!”

-Anna Valliant, College Conference East Student Leader

“All the little imperfections in my life. I’m learning that they’re what set my life apart from the person next to me.”

-Mary Anna Roden, Southeast Student Leader

“My health and safety, and the health and safety of my loved ones.  Additionally I’m thankful to be blessed with curiosity and passion for learning, and being at a university that facilitates and encourages this development.  I’m thankful for my family and friends, for beautiful music, the beach, San Francisco, and kale smoothies. ”

-Markayla Stroubakis, Southwest Student Leader

“My fiancee and my supportive family.”

-Katherine Konstans, Public Relations Student Leader

“Christ’s unceasing love that I feel everyday, and the ability to pray and learn and live freely in a loving community.”

-Nicole Petrow, Midwest Student Leader

“All my Orthodox friends and family and also for my non-Orthodox friends who understand and support my faith.”

-Katerina Theriano, Mountain Student Leader

“My beautiful [smallah] siblings and my incredible camp family that are there for me 25/8!”

-Hibbah Kaileh, South Student Leader

“The friends I made in OCF, they are the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and they are always there for you, through thick and thin. They are truly a blessing in my life.”

-Karma Khoury, Mid-Atlantic Student Leader

“It is an amazing cliche to say this, but one of the things that I feel the most thankful for right now are all of my amazing friends. While roadtripping around the country over the last week, I reflected and realized that I have been blessed with not just friendships, but beautiful spiritual friendships that have given me inspiration to grow and stretch higher. Glory to God!”

-Matthew Monos, Media Student Leader

“All the safe traveling I’ve done and will God-willing continue to do, my very loud and loving family, caring friends, and St. George’s Cathedral in Pittsburgh for letting me park in their parking lot so I don’t have to embarrass myself by attempting to parallel park on the street.”

-Emma Solak, Publications Student Leader