St. Argyre 

the New Martyr

St. Argyre

How can St. Argyre intercede for us? 

St. Argyre is the patron saint of marriage, and many people pray to her for finding their spouse.

The Life of St. Argyre

St. Argyre was a very beautiful young woman who more than anything yearned to be close to Christ. She was born to a pious family in Proussa and possessed a deep religious conviction. At eighteen, St. Argyre married a young Christian man, but enjoyed a mere few happy days as a newlywed, as a neighbor coveted Argyre and threatened to take her for himself. Argyre outwardly rejected the neighbor’s advances time and time again, until the neighbor slandered her, dishonestly accusing her of having succumbed to his advances. St. Argyre was imprisoned and her case was eventually taken to Constantinople, upon request of her husband. There, she declared herself a Christian who would never abandon Christ.

The judge in Constantinople ordered her to be beaten and sent to prison for an indefinite amount of time. St. Argyre suffered in a Turkish prison among criminals who tormented her for the seventeen years she spent in prison. All the while, St. Argyre bore every trial with a loving and grateful heart. She was steadfast in her faith and reposed on the 5th of April in her jail cell. After three years, her relics were uncovered, and her body was intact and fragrant. Her relics were brought
to the Church of St. Paraskevi, but after a disastrous fire in the church, were relocated to Lesvos.

We celebrate St. Argyre’s feast day on April 30th, the day of the relocation of her relics.

St. Argyre’s name means “silver” in Greek. She is the patron saint of marriage.

Learn her Troparion

“You put to shame tyrants by your tortures, O pure one, and you were shown forth, O much-sufferingone, as strong as a diamond. O glorious martyr of Christ, you showed forth in struggles for Christ the savior, love and zeal and unquenchable longing, who worthily glorified you O Argyre.” (Mode 4)

Pray to her

Holy Martyr Agyre, you who in chastity preserved your marriage and with loyalty committed yourself to Christ, pray for us who desire honorable marriages, uniting us to Christ in love and humility. Intercede for us as we seek God’s will in our lives, assist us as we battle against all bodily temptations so that we may honor the holy state of matrimony, and pray for us that in all things we may be united to Christ our God together with His Eternal Father and His All-Holy and Life-Giving Spirit, now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen.

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