Training Webinars for OCF Advisors

Join us for a one-hour webinar to better support chapters and students as a clergy or lay advisor in the ministry of OCF. 

Upcoming Webinars 

Why OCF? Attracting Students in the College Marketplace -- November 21, 2019 @ 7:30 PM EST

Campuses can have hundreds of options for students to find community. How do we help them choose OCF, and ultimately the Church, as their primary and first community?

Featuring: Dn. Marek Simon, OCF Executive Director & Caroline Retzios, 2019-2020 Student Leadership Board Chairman



The One Thing Needful: Growing the Inner Lives of College Students -- December 12, 2019 @ 7:30 EST

How can we guide students to be more attentive to their inner life–their thoughts, their sins, their motivations, but most of all, Christ within them?

Featuring: Fr. Stephen Vernak, OCF Board of Directors Member, Harrisburg OCF Spiritual Advisor, and Real Break Mt. Athos Trip Leader 



Make Disciples: Developing a Missions-Minded OCF -- January, 30, 2020 @ 7:30 PM EST

College campuses are a field ripe for harvest: many students find themselves asking important questions and exploring spirituality. Build your knowledge about other faith backgrounds and become better equipped to help students reach out to their peers who are seeking.

Featuring: Fr. Brendan Pelphrey, OCF Apologetics Podcast Featured Guest, Summer Leadership Institute Presenter, & former OCF Chapter Spiritual Advisor 


What's Next? Preparing Students for Life After College -- February 20, 2020 @ 7:30 PM EST

Many OCF students spend much of their college career planning for and thinking about what comes after college. Learn more about the cultural, social, and spiritual landscape of emerging adulthood (23-29) and how you can help students prepare for a life in Christ after they leave OCF.

Featuring: Jenny Haddad Mosher, Director of the Telos Project & TBA Telos Team Leader



Past Chapter Development Webinars

Getting Started on Campus

Are you new to campus ministry? Would you like to reach out to the students in your community? Whether you are a clergyman, a lay leader in your parish, a professor, or a concerned parent, join OCF for this one-hour session on how to get started on campus. Learn what you can expect from campus activities offices, ways to find Orthodox students, and the basics of what makes an OCF chapter successful and sustainable.

Featuring Nicole Petrow, 2017-2018 SLB Chairman & Fr. Michael Nasser, former OCF National Chaplain 

Building Your Campus Ministry

Does your campus ministry feel stagnant? Do you struggle to maintain a presence from year to year? Do you simply feel like there is more you could be doing? Join OCF for this one-hour session on what you can do as a spiritual, lay, or faculty advisor to take your OCF chapter to the next level. Learn what other chapters are doing, and how you can bring spiritual depth and vibrancy to your campus ministry efforts.

Featuring Fr. Anthony Salzman, OCF Southeast Regional Spiritual Advisor

How to Talk about Stuff: Developing Engaging Chapter Discussions

Does everyone go silent when you ask a question? Do you feel like students aren’t really listening or aren’t really engaging in the content of OCF meetings? Join us for this webinar to learn the best practices for engaging this generation in deep conversation. Find Fr. Kosmas & Anna’s handout here.

Featuring Fr. Kosmas Kallis, Metropolis of Chicago Y2AM Director & OCF Midwest Regional Spiritual Advisor & Anna Kallis, Curriculum Developer at Faithtree Resources & CrossRoad Chicago Director

Past Student Development Webinars

Mentoring Strong Orthodox Leaders

 Do you wish your OCF leaders were stronger? More consistent from year-to-year? More inclined to collaboration? Better communicators? Deeper thinkers? Join OCF for this one-hour session on cultivating young leaders in your OCF chapter. Explore the importance of mentorship in the lives of young people in the Church, and discover how to prepare your OCFers to be leaders in our Church and the world today.

Featuring Ann Bezzerides & Dn. Michael Tishel, Office of Vocation & Ministry

Engaging Disconnected Students

Are you noticing students who were part of your parish as teens lose interest in their faith in college? Do you hear concerns from parents and priests that students are losing their way? Are you unsure of how to reach these young people? Join OCF for this one-hour session on how to engage students who arrive on campus under-prepared for the challenges that await them. Learn how to address disinterest, doubt, and disengagement among this generation of college students with Christ’s love and fidelity to His truth.

Featuring Fr. Apostolos Hill, OCF Southwest Spiritual Advisor

Beyond Birds & Bees: Discussing Sexuality with College Students

Do you sometimes feel ill-equipped to address the difficult subject of sexuality with your OCFers? Join us for this one-hour webinar for clergy and lay leaders to learn how to approach this sometimes difficult subject with your college students.

Featuring Dr. Philip Mamalakis, Professor of Pastoral Care at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

A Broken Inner World: Addressing Student Mental Health

It seems like there is an epidemic of mental health issues on today’s college campuses. What is the cultural and social climate like for students? What resources do they have on campus? And how can we recover and employ the Orthodox approach to the healing of the soul?

Featuring Fr. Patrick Tishel, Boston University OCF Spiritual Advisor & Christy Buck, Director of Mental Health Foundation of Western Michigan