Pitt OCF DinnerThe school year is coming to a close and it’s time for us to say goodbye to our graduating seniors and prepare for a new year of fellowship, education, worship, and service. April is the month designated by the OCF model constitution for chapter elections. We know that many chapters out there are thriving on the incredible hard work and amazing charisma and talents of their student leaders, and we want to help you keep up the momentum for next year. Here are just a few suggestions of things you might do to help make the transition from your old leadership team to your new team a smooth one.

  1. Have your new leaders “shadow” the old leaders for the last month of school. Let the new guys get an idea of what goes into the jobs of your leaders. Spend time together, share insights about what has worked in the past and new ideas for the future, and talk to your advisors to hear their perspectives. You can even let the new team start taking over for the last few events of the year.
  2. Host a transition dinner with your faculty advisor, spiritual advisor, chapter coordinator, and all the old officers and new officers. This is a great way to encourage your new leaders, help them feel connected to the advisors on your leadership team, pass on vital information about your chapter, allow the new team ask any questions they might have about leading your chapter, and begin making plans for next year.
  3. Create notebooks for each officer position that can be passed down each year. Make sure they include everything the new officers will need to know about registering your chapter with your university, staying in contact with the OCF network, planning meetings and events, contacting local parishes, etc.
  4. Update your contact info with the North American Office. This is critical! Updating your information ensures that incoming students for the fall can search the OCF website for your chapter and makes it possible for us to keep you up-to-date with important OCF programs and events.
  5. Hold an end of the year bash. Celebrate a great year and thank your out-going officers for their time, love, and energy.

From all of us at the North American Office, we would like to say THANK YOU to all of the amazing student leaders who have dedicated themselves to serving their peers as OCF leaders this year, and to the new leaders for next year, you’re in for a great experience! And don’t forget! We are here to help! You can always email us with chapter questions at chapters@ocf.net. We look forward to helping you bring Christ and His Church to your chapter and your campus.