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Fall Hybrid Retreat · November 6-8, 2020

Fall Regional retreat featuring

Fr. Timothy Hojnicki

Fr. Timothy was born and raised Wilmington, DE, graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Family & Community Services in 2002, and a Masters in Divinity from St. Tikhon’s Seminary in 2005. Fr. Timothy married his wonderful wife Anastasia in July of 2004. He was ordained Deacon in October of 2004, and a priest in January of 2005. He has been the rector of Holy Apostles Mission in Mechanicsburg, PA (OCA) since June of 2005 and has been both a workshop and keynote speaker at College Conference East. Fr. Timothy has four beautiful children, Nicholas, Kyra, Elijah, and Joachim.


How’s this going to work?

What is a hybrid retreat?

We’re getting creative thanks to COVID! You will have the option to join all retreat activities virtually from the comfort of your home or participate in part of the weekend in-person at a local host parish.

If I choose all virtual, will I still get to meet people from my region?

Yes! Virtual discussion sessions and prayers will be separated by regional groups, and all participants will be joining evening activities and Sunday coffee hour virtually by region. Like at past regional retreats, this will be a great opportunity for you to reconnect with old friends and build new relationships.

If I choose the hybrid option, what COVID precautions will be in place?

OCF is committed to the health and safety of our students. Each location has committed to following all current state, local, and ecclesiastical guidelines, including caps on attendance, social distancing, and mask-wearing where appropriate. As these guidelines are constantly being updated, attendees will receive instructions specific to their location after registration. 

I’m at home right now, and I live in a different region than I go to school. Which one should I choose at registration?

We’re leaving this up to you! While students often attend regional retreats in the region where they go to school, it’s not uncommon for students to visit other regional communities based on where they live or where they have previous connections. You can choose what works for you. 

What should I expect on Zoom?

We want our online community to be as much like our in-person community as possible, and we are working creatively to make that experience a reality for you. We encourage students to find a quiet space where they can participate with audio and video, but we promise it won’t be just like more online class!

I still have questions. Who can I contact?

Please email Sofia at midweststudent@ocf.net with your retreat questions!

join us!


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