Today I will address the student question, What to do when you’re the only Orthodox student at your school (that you know of)?

This is a toughie.

The very first thing you can do is pray. Pray that God will give you strength in your solidarity and that he will send you people when the time is right.


Here are some other things you can do:

  • Check out the churches in the area to see if there are people your age going to church who just don’t know about OCF. Talk to the priest(s) to see if they know of any Orthodox students.
  • If there are other schools close by, see if they have an OCF you can join.
  • Attend Regional Retreats and College Conference to meet people in your area – you never know who will show up!
  • See if there are any ethnic clubs of countries or nationalities from which Orthodox people usually hail.
  • Get in touch with your Regional Student Leader. They can help you connect with Orthodox people in the area and get a chapter started from the ground up.

Don’t give up! Bear witness to your faith and fight the good fight!